Monday, November 3, 2008


Meg said...

rumi or no, what you do do is beyond the void...have i shown you the book titled...'the void' by a h almaas? could write a s...
as much as you attempt to devalue the void, you seem to walk in and out of it like weaving threads from one place to the next and the next...watching you is watching the night sky with stars, there are never the right words to describe it, it's just toooooo big for words.
if you keep letting these creations of yours out of the void you won't ever have to return to n michigan to be here, you will be wide across the universe...
all of this just to say bravo!

Justan_Oscar_Therman said...

OM ...("i" God!) or am i?

2 funny (both of them).

save me a place, friend. b there soon as my body finds the rest of me E>( +/- )<3

thanks 4 leaving this behind & for making good enough friends to maintain it (it takes a friend to be a friend) =0)

love u dave (wish i knew u on this side) mike _\/,,

Justan_Oscar_Therman said...

wow... God is on His game today...

i use "Justan O Therman" because i'm "just another man", forgot i ever had a "scar" in the middle

(it must've healed) but apparently not completely


i guess humans truly do fly on the wings of love

deep stuff, david. thanks! (send him my way anytime, Dad!)_\,,/

Justan_Oscar_Therman said...

for those still scratching yer head, i'm referring to my Blogger profile name "Justan_Oscar_Therman"...

haven't used this profile in a loooong time. i do, however, write under "Justan O Therman".

and while u're scratchin... wouldja mind, um? HEH! never mind - just kidding =0D


thanks, dave! (& thanks, dave's friends)!!